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LightOort Ghost

LightOort Ghost watches for a new image files appearance on your PC
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28 November 2013

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You can find high end software that can help you modify the images that are with you and make them really soothing for your eyes. But purchasing costly software solution is not what we tend to suggest users who are not professionally inclined towards it and also one may spoil the images if they are not much careful in using the software. Therefore complying the needs of any random user who would want to see their own images or images of loved ones in an enhanced form, they can blindly go with LightOort Ghost 0.9.5. This software application is a terrific image enhancing as well as enriching software that can prove to be a savior that can bring new life to your images without doing too much or spending too much.

LightOort Ghost 0.9.5 brought to you by Phaethon solution, is a great opportune which can give you all kinds of ability in making images you have glaze with stunning texture without any hassle. This utility is fully automatic and can traverse your PC and search for all images that it can support in enhancing. It then processes the images improving the tone of the images and employs color correction on them. The application comprises loads of wide range image correction parameters that can help in making all kinds of images glitter well with brilliant shine. Once the tool does its part, you will be able to view the new look fostered on the old images that are brightened with amazing shine and gives an enriched appearance.

This particular software application comes absolutely for free and can be given a rating of four stars for its automatic detection as well as image correction. Further LightOort Ghost 0.9.5 is completely free of cost for which we recommend you to go for it and give it a try.

Publisher's description

Phaethon Solutions LightOort is the product family for images tone and color correction and improving.
Program Features
LightOort Ghost watches for a new image files appearance on your PC.
New images are processed automatically.
Processing is adjusted in a wide range.
Proof-of-Concept version
Current version is pre-alpha "proof-of-concept" release. It allows to see and test some technologies of LightOort product family.
Test versions are free. Moreover, all the testers who have sent us helpful feedback , will receive the keys to the commercial versions for free.
LightOort Ghost
LightOort Ghost
Version 0.9.5
Free Download

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